Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Places to Eat on Oahu Hawaii

Oahu Hawaii Restaurants: We all know the chain restaurants, and they are no different here than anywhere else in the U.S (except a bit more expensive) – We had fun finding Locally grown places to eat – I have listed some of the more memorable ones

Best Chinese: Little Village Noodle House in Honolulu on Smith Street – great food, reasonable prices and free parking - the lettuce wraps are great when dieting, even the vegetarian selection is very filling, tasty and low fat – http://www.littlevillagehawaii.com/

Dim Sum: great little place across the street from the Little Village Noodle House on smith street called Mei Sum Dim Sum – ladies push carts around the restaurant with steam baskets of little packets of wonderful cuisine – the menu has pictures, so all you have to do is select and point – my mom and I ate there for less than $10 – my favorite was the Garlic Eggplant, but the Pork Hash is really yummy too!

GARLIC: Ninniku-ya Garlic Restaurant located on Wailae Ave off King St – Hard to find, but worth the drive – HUGE portions – GREAT Ribeye steak, enough for 2 unless your really a carnivore – the side of mash potatoes was good but really small, if your sharing order another side – pricey – but was worth it to me, because I really am not a good steak cooker - call for reseverations, it is really small – it is located in a converted small house, really interesting d├ęcor and use of space

Great Views:

SARENTO'S - also known as “Top of the I” located on the top floor of the Ilikae Hotel – Make reservations and ask for a window seat facing the sunset (be specific) then get there about 30 min before sunset – the view is breath taking – the food is very good – had the Oso bucca the first time, and the Filet Mignon the second time – both very tasty and generous portions – a bit pricey, but worth it

JOHN DOMINUS – located on Ahui Street – very interesting place – it is built over the water, the floor of the place is made of planks that give the appearance that the ocean floor is below you, there are salt water fish swimming beneath – the view of Diamonhead and downtown Waikiki is great – if you get there in the evening you can enjoy watching the surfers catch the last waves of the day, the lights turn on in Waikiki, and the sun set into the Pacific Ocean – great seafood, ok steaks, very pricey, but your paying for a great view - here a link to a copy of the menu http://www.hanaumabay-hawaii.com/JDmenu.htm

Hickam Air Force Base – Two locations – the first is the SAND BAR AND GRILL located at the Hickam beach – tasty bar type food – good drinks – reasonable prices – your sitting on the deck, overlooking the ocean/inlet to Pearl Harbor – often get to see F-15 jets taking off on the runway located next to the beach, Navy Ships coming in and out of port, or the neat site of a submarine coming in or out of port – Awesome sunsets! - - the second location is WILBUR & ORVILLE'S CAFE located next to the Officer’s Club – they have a great lunch and breakfast, really in expensive – sit out on the deck and watch the ships and subs come in and out of Pearl Harbor – It is soo cool to watch the big ships and subs pull into the channel, it always makes be proud to be an american and a military wife!


  1. Hello!

    This may be very random - but we're thinking about having our wedding and reception on Hickam and were hoping you may have taken some photos at the sand bar and grill or the sea breeze restaurant? We're considering having a reception there and can't get a very good feel for it's location. Any info/photos you have would be very appreciated!


  2. the Sand Bar and Grill and Sea Breeze's kitchen is under renovation after a kitchen fire - currently there is a contractor cooking outsite on large grills (good, but not reception good) - The Hickam Officer's club would be a beautiful location - they have a large (huge) covered outdoor eating/dancing location - need to have an officer or civilian equivalent to sponsor you (does not have to be a family member, can be friend, co-worker ect) - food is good and reasonably priced - views of the inlet to pearl harbor are great with great sunset views too - hope this helps - Will look in my file to see if I have some pics of the view

  3. Thank you so much! We tried the O'Club and they're booked for the date we want. :( Apparently the Sea Breeze and Sand Bar restaurants will be up and running in July. We're getting married in December... My fiance is actually active duty so we have incentive there to get married on a base for the great rates. Any other thoughts? Really appreciate you writing me back!